fredag 3 juli 2015

Summer climbing and a good day on a project !

Yellow (project)

Fruberget have many unclimbed lines. Today i did this boulder in two parts, Technical,high and with a bad landing :) can't complain on the weather its warm but fruberget is OK at the moment... 

onsdag 24 juni 2015

Björnblocket and good conditions mid June !

 Reality kick you back 7C

 The Office Sds 8A

Amazing day at Björnblocket, cold wind and dry air. Jonas Winter and Denis Yanmaz is on a tripp to Västervik. Jonas Managed a send of The Office Sds 8A and made one cool addiction to the block. The new boulder is a one mover and is located on the backside of the main block, The new boulder did get the name Reality kicks you back and is around 7C. i will put it up on

Jonas is producing a movie from the tripp and it is going to be a big joy to watch...

lördag 13 juni 2015

Summer heat !

The summer have arrived with really warm weather, had an nice day at fruberget with family climbing a lot of the easier problems and did some variants on the classic So ill. 

I am really pissed by the behaviour of visiting climbers. The parking space is starting to look like a junkyard. There is no excuse to leave garbage at this place and its in an camping restricted area. Please pic out the shit u bring. THIS IS A SENSITIVE AREA. 

söndag 31 maj 2015

Black leg FA Fallataket !

Black leg

Did the project at falla today. Black leg is the name of the problem and i have to give the grade some thinking:) I will put it up on Climbed a bit on the MFP Sds project One move away;)

fredag 29 maj 2015

Project at Fallataket !


Today i had an great day at Fallataket. Tried an old project that i have worked a bit on and of. Had to find a solution for the mid part. The moves are done and got it done in two parts. Lorentz did David and goliath 8A and Niom 7C/C+. back on Sunday for some more :) a lot of strong climbers visit this little space in the forest, some like it some don't. For me this is like heaven cool steep climbing with futuristic lines... And really good climbing for the consumer to bear down at. Today was a good day and i had fun on two cool futuristic projects. Tried the line left of David and goliath and did al but one move. This one is hardish and it have not so indoor style of climbing on it...

fredag 22 maj 2015

Rumma with Johan Edman

 Penny enjoying the company !
 Roma Keso 7A

 Johan trying hard on Pic ure Battle 7C
One more...

Nice eve session at Rumma blocket with long time friend Johan Edman, one of the developers of the area of Västervik. Living up north makes him enjoy the climbing here a lot :)