tisdag 27 september 2016

Frost and sendtember temps !

Today Lorentz climbed Frost at tuna blocket, also i got the opportunity to try a bit more on Superfrost. At tuna you really need to be early since the sun are in at around 15. later on i showed Lorentz Tallsjö and love boat captain a dyno/dyno problem of high quality. this area is really accessible and close to tuna.  

måndag 26 september 2016

New stuff and old problems !

 Jake on Kashmir
 Vertigo gamla vo
Lorentz on Rebel to the grave

This week have been packed with work, still managed an session at Kasmirsborg and a evening session on Gamla vo. Both locations are not the most visited... On my list these are high, Gamla vo have some good ones.

tisdag 6 september 2016

Alex Megos and Daniela Ebler on a visit !

Alex Megos and Daniela Ebler are on a visit to Västervik and got the tour on the south part witch was explored and developed last autumn and this spring/summer. Alex repeated al the worth does in short time and Daniela where put with an wire brush doing some new ones, actually there where four new ones done at the fade to black sector... Great inspiration !!!! :)  we will se what happens tomorrow, i left before Alex where done, trying hard on At war with reality Slingsö as always looking freak strong and unstoppable... hopefully they will like the resort at Tovehult where Lena and Peter will take care of them. This place is astonishing and beautiful and a place real close to the climbing south of Västervik. Have a look at www.tovehult.se and make sure to book upp there in the future thats my recommendation. 

måndag 5 september 2016

Ice age Löta !

Did the Ice age project at löta, Not from the Sds but from a pull on start witch actually is the most clear way of starting. Grab rail with left and sloper side pull for right hand. The Sds will ad one move but its long and hard... and this remains a project even if it was close today.

söndag 28 augusti 2016

Repet and a stunning FA By Lorentz Ulmer

Today Lorentz did an climb Birdman at Marstrand. I personally think this is one of the most estetik looking problems in Västervik and an contender for the best :) Later the Dyno project went down at Marstrand. This one is a super nice looking problem and it climbs really well... Have to wait for a name... ;)

fredag 26 augusti 2016

Warmisch weather and a lot of stuff to do !

The week have been packed with climbing and some new stuff where done, The heat is on and the really hard stuff have to wait. Did have an ok session on the Ice age project together with Lorentz and i think we have wired al moves... Need weather NOW...