torsdag 16 april 2015

Brushing new stuff !

Today i did some block hunting in the region of Gastblocket and Grönaväggen. 20 minutes north from Västervik. The area have a lot of blocks and i brushed two new problems today. More on this new gems when there is an send ;)

tisdag 14 april 2015

Gods and kings Fa Marstrand

Fa of Gods and kings at Marstrand. This is a cool addiction to the boulders in the Roots cave. This boulder are around 7C/+  

måndag 6 april 2015

Week pics and Fa !

Element of surprise 7C FA Marstrand
The anger management project on Marstrand 

Fredrik trying hard on Departure time Projekt at Marstrand
Lorenz on Jihad 8A+Vo Stenarna
Lorenz on Jeriko 7B Vo Stenarna
Adnan trying Jeriko 7B

These pics sums up the weekend. Have been nice with a lot of people visiting the region. Lorenz Ulmer and a crew of people from Denmark have been visiting. We squeezed in a day of block hunting in an area 45 minutes from Västervik with big potential. Its always hard to focus... My attention goes to Marstrand and the projects there. Amazingly some of the best lines still awaits first ascent in this area even if i have most of them on Today i did Element of surprise 7C in the roots cave of Marstand and tried out the moves on the line left of Roots. This one is hard and weird :) Get on it... 

söndag 22 mars 2015

New problem today !

Today was freezing cold and i felt stiff since the day before. One Fa and some indoor training at Örebrobouldergym was hard for my aged body. On my last try of the day i ripped my finger open with a really nasty flapper... This was the fire for a last last go on it. Tape and anger was the thing needed for the send of this boulder... Grade 7C?... it felt tricky and have a lot of weird movement. Its hard to give a number feeling like i did today ;) The name of the boulder is Interstellar. This is the name of the movie we intend to finish tonight if we don't fall a sleep again... Having small kids makes the days go by fast and the evenings are short...

lördag 21 mars 2015

Doubleeffect Fa Köping !

Home away from home. Made the Fa of a new beauty today, snow and rain on friday but today we woke up to shinny sun and good temps. This is one really cool problem and i think its around 8A top 5 of problems i have climbed. The area have more to offer but the spring need to return...