onsdag 8 oktober 2014

Jerusalem boulder at VO !

 Jihad 8A/B Projekt

Today i decided to have a look at some old stuff. The area is a part of VO stenarna, and are located 100 meter from Smultronstället. confused ? yes i am. The blocks out here are really close and i have suggested that Tomas changes the name of some of hes stuff out here since almost al of the areas are a part of VO stenarna. The new boulder is big and have a lot of cool lines and one really hard projekt. The blocks out here where climbed on by me and Johan Edman some 20 years back in time. 

The big surprise was that the problems here are so classy. The quality and the location is beautiful and its close to town. Had some good burns on the projekt and manage to do the crux move one time, decided on the projekt name JIHAD and named the sektor JERUSALEM and it will be a part of VO Stenarna ;)