måndag 6 april 2015

Week pics and Fa !

Element of surprise 7C FA Marstrand
The anger management project on Marstrand 

Fredrik trying hard on Departure time Projekt at Marstrand
Lorenz on Jihad 8A+Vo Stenarna
Lorenz on Jeriko 7B Vo Stenarna
Adnan trying Jeriko 7B

These pics sums up the weekend. Have been nice with a lot of people visiting the region. Lorenz Ulmer and a crew of people from Denmark have been visiting. We squeezed in a day of block hunting in an area 45 minutes from Västervik with big potential. Its always hard to focus... My attention goes to Marstrand and the projects there. Amazingly some of the best lines still awaits first ascent in this area even if i have most of them on 27crags.com Today i did Element of surprise 7C in the roots cave of Marstand and tried out the moves on the line left of Roots. This one is hard and weird :) Get on it...