måndag 2 november 2015

Day 2 Marstrand

Saturday was another Marstrand day, beginning to think of this place at the major place of Västervik. The finds the day before made us really happy and we are eager to go back. Meet some http://climbingpics.blogspot.com crew in the area and it´s always a pleasure meting positive spirited and psyched climbers. I was totally trash and had to aim for some of the moderates. Did climb some of Fredrik Dahls first ascents withs in my opinion are superb. Due to lack of number on these climbs they seldom get any attention... My humble opinion is that there some of the best in the mid grade of the area but bring pads since the landing is bad and the problems are high. 

Super nice to get to climb more with the crew from Russia. It gets soft in the forest with al the playing with kids. And it´s super nice for my kids to meet up with other people that also try to make  as much as possible with there climbing still having family with them.

Pavel Isaev made a strong send of Pro 2 8A, the old and broken Prophesy. It´s weird how people think this one should have the same grade as Animal act 8A+. some years back the lower part of the problem became harder since a big matching flake broke of. The problem got new FA and the names changed... From 7C and 8A... you see the difference... and there is. no one complain before about the ratings but some howe the maths changed or did anything happen with the attitude of repeters ?

Numbers/people are really confusing some times... ;)