söndag 5 juni 2016

Weekend and Västervik outdoor !

 Dressed for revolution (Flash)
 Four inch Pinch

This weekend Västervik had an public event down town, letting the people have a taste of some hidden treasures and adventures around the corner. hopefully more locals will get an eye for what an amazing area we have at our door steeps. Five ten, Problemsolver and Nordic eko joined in for the party and one new positive thing where brought to day light by the fact that Team Sportia will take a new grip on the outdoor market and start with carrying some interesting Climbing/ Bike and outdoor brands.

Later Stefan Pettersson got a golden tour at the new place I've been developing. With okay conditions he made repets and managed an impressive Flash of Dressed for revolution and climbed the really god Four inch pinch, Smeg and Thrill. Hopefully we get to spend more time around later this autumn :)