lördag 2 april 2016

Hercules and my vision !

Hercules is an really nice problem i found some time ago. Today was my second day trying to solve the tricky middle part on the problem. And truly i have not climbed anything like it this one is amazing and probably vill be one of the nicest gems i have done... the rock is perfect and the approach is nothing.  I did do the problem from a pull on start right hand in big side pull and left on spike feature... it would have been nice to get some info on how the first ascent where done the start did not work at al since it was really daby. And i removed the big tree just to be abel to do it from the position i did today. During my ascent one fot hold and one hand hold broke a bit hopefully this docent change anything. Interesting to se how the first ascent where done... my solution to the problem will be in the movie i am putting together... Sick problem and congrats to the one who put it up :) this is by far one of the best problem i have climbed 5 Stars if possible. Kallakårar Sds went down flash maybe I'm climbing strongly at the moment...As i did the problem it seems to bee an mix of two problems Starting in hercules and ending with kallakårar doing a matching 4 move in 50cm :) if it will be considered a problem in the future it will be Hercules variant ;)