måndag 25 april 2016

Inspiration and motivation !

 Alex Megos The Hourglass
 One more from The Classic Hourglass 
 Lorentz Ulmer on Arcoxia
 Alex Megos
 The Office Sds
 Go all day Vo-stenarna
 Namaste Vo
Daniella Ebler at Varklyftan Solstadström

Blessed with a lot of motivated persons arriving and climbing in the area of Västervik. had an amazing weekend with Alex Megos and Daniella Ebler and Lorentz Ulmer and 
Amalie Ekensteen Johncke. There where a lot of climbing done. To climb and tag along showing the areas is a huge inspiration and motivation to continue searching and sharing the problems i do in the region of Västervik. Alex is like a machine and have such a drive/motivation that i could live on it for a lifetime. This makes me highly motivated for future development and a huge inspiration to Train even harder. During the spring i have found a new area with a lot of new blocks and walls and there are some really cool projects that we didn't have time to visit, this will have to bee the next time ;)