onsdag 19 oktober 2016

80 days of joy !

 Over the boarder execution to Knutstorp
 Lorentz trying out Whalefish
One more project in the works...

To sum up the last 80 days ain´t easy, Lorentz came smoking hot from a tripp to Rocklands. And was super psyched. The weather in the beginning was more then ideal, But spirit was high. During the visit we have been working on a new guidebook for the area and Lorentz is i charge of that project. The task is to get a new one out Maj 2017. There have been somewhere like 50 new boulder put up during this time and especially Vargblocken and Slingsö have grown in to be a really good area of it´s own. A lot of changes have been made. It´s super nice to have some one to throw the ball at and get konstruktive feedback... This is one of the super annoying things about being alone in the development of an area. And i have taken another path when i put up new problems letting other try and have their opinion on the grading matter. It´s super funny and the chances of getting it right is bigger. 

Time flies by and today Lorentz made the tripp home and for new adventures, leaving Västervik in soggy conditions. I´m sure time will fly and he is soon back for more, we have really been finding a lot of new stuff and only two days before the leav we did find some new good problems. 

This have been an really nice autumn and a super funny one, hanging out with this energy pack is draining, not only because of climbing hard. Good laughs can be really tiering and we have had one or two :) ...   
Autumn in vastervik 2016 from stefan rasmussen on Vimeo.