onsdag 5 oktober 2016

Västervik south gets more problems !

 Way of the Wolf Slingsö Fa
Kilian climbing an super nice Fa at Slingsö 

Today the pack went to Slings, Kilian did find a new really nice problem there yesterday. After a few tries Kilian finished the problem that on the wright up don't have a name. The Karma like problem probably weights in at 8A but lets wait and se what name and grade Kilian suggests. Later on i made yet another Fa of the problem to the right of this one. This one is weird and tolls like Knee pads where used on the Fa. Tricky powerful movement on big pinches starting in a roof with some kind of high top out :) i decided on the name Way of the Wolf and repeaters can tell witch grade it should have ;) or i might drop one for the new guidebook ;)

 Later Lorentz and i went to Roffanssvampställe and had and walk around, to our surprise we did find a huge area 5 min of Walk from Roffans. The amount of rock here seams huge and it has the best quality... Happy
the new wall found in the evening got two new problems 6/10