fredag 25 juli 2014

Heat !

Motivation for autumn. Summer is a nice time to prepare for the autumn. Been training a lot, boarding mainly to get most out of the summer months and be ready for an nice autumn in Sweden.

lördag 19 juli 2014

Rest week up north !

Or quite not ! could not resist to have one board day and one short session in Västerås despite really warm weather. This summer we decided to rent a house in sälen, famous winter destination in Sweden. Sample of pics show the beauty of the place. As a winter destination this was it but there are still stuff to work with during of season. Think its kind of a bummer that Swedens biggest car producer Volvo with a test facility don't manage to have open during this time a year. would have been sweet to test drive up here where the cars really can get tested... Bikes are big, Downhill is the shit next time i will try it for sure. This would be a fine sale ground for Fiveten. We hiked a little and made ful use of the outdoors. Hopefully we make it up again next summer since we hade a sweet time...  

fredag 18 juli 2014

Nitty gritti Flash !

Erik Massih put up Nitty gritty way back and I was really curios to check it out. 
Time went by and yesterday I did get the opportunity to climb in Västerås since we 
past by on our way from holiday in the north. The problem is in my opinion really good and has
simple straight forward movement. It reminds me of Sammy dahlman är fan bäst in Knutby. 
Regarding grade i would say that Eriks proposal could be OK, There are many problems that for 
me are simpler and have higher numbers, this one has classy movement. A Classy one with rich history. 
Happy to make an Flash ascent of this one. Good one Erik !!!   

lördag 12 juli 2014

Small talk FA Hörtingerum !

Small talk 8A Hörtingerum, Fa Today. 5 hard moves on perfekt red granit close to home, what more can i ask for. Happy :) 

söndag 6 juli 2014

Rövargrottan new summer Fa !

Warm summer heat at the moment, still managed a new Fa Yesterday.  The new one is on 27crags and i think its around 7A-7B. Pics from Goblin 7B/C

torsdag 3 juli 2014

Filming with Västervik Turist office !

Amazing day at Fruberget, Invited to make a movie of climbing in Västervik. This was my first experience with Drone filming. Exited to se how it will be in the movie. This might be an really cool way of filming climbing, and it gives some really cool moving shoots. Must say it was a bit anoing having something flying over my head when trying to focus on climbing. Mynta is Thinks that this is the future :) and sure that we need one right away :)