söndag 28 februari 2016

Early spring days !

Sketchy legs and no timing are key words of Sunday the activity. Problems in the pics are from Kluvna stenen at Vo-Västervik. This place is really nice since the landowner have taken down some of the big trees that stod close to the boulder...

måndag 22 februari 2016

Project almost no more !

Nice day at area 51 Lysingsbadet and had some good burns on this really nice project. 2 years ago is i put up an cool 8A ( coming in from the right) and this problems joins top out but he project have  trickier and much harder moves in the beginning. Regarding the top it might bee easy if you are an experienced font top outer like Jimmy boy ;) I would say this is one of the harder possible projects in the center of Västervik. I feel of high today, on the standup move to the slab. Temps are a bit low and fingers and feet are numb, this will hopefully change in a near future since spring is at the doorstep :)
Take off your shirt and wait for further instructions! is an cool problem put up by Lorentz Ulmer and a crew from denmark. I flashed this one today and its a nice one witch i would recommend to some one looking for a good problem in this range of grade

måndag 8 februari 2016

Nice one !

In my opinion one of the best problem at Vo-stenarna. Fa almost 15 years back. Only a handful repetitions and something to visit and try the next time you are in Västervik. The forest is out of the way and this block is seen from the road to Rödaväggen. 

fredag 5 februari 2016

Season 16 no 1 FA

First day out in 16 and i had the pleasure in sending a new problem at Svartaväggen VO-stenarna.
this is an old project and comes down to 3 hard moves in the start of the problem. Freakshow will be the name of the game...