torsdag 24 december 2015

Merry christmas !

Another nice day today. Brushed and tried two new great lines at Korslöt Köping. A small bush walk and i did find 3 more big blocks. There is a really nice and high line on one of them. These area can get big and i keep finding new stuff on my tripps here... :)

onsdag 23 december 2015

Bubble boy Alberga !

This problem is really nice ! The crux crimp broke on an early send try, making the hold a bit smaller. don't know if it affects the grade since over al this is an resistans problem, its more about the flow and go... managed a send today one day from christmas the weather is super weird :) 

torsdag 10 december 2015

The new area !

New area in Vastervik ! from stefan rasmussen on Vimeo.

Weather is ok between showers and storm. Only problem is humidity at the moment. Today i did a new problem at Häggebo, Side show 7C  is a tricky little problem with great sloper moves and an high heal. Later i gave Odium some more tries, but this problem will require condition and a fresh body. Hard awkward and full body power will  be needed to get this one in the bag 8B seams like an fair grade on it... more on that when its done... 

tisdag 8 december 2015

The projects !

Had one more day at the new spot managed the moves on both the steep aret and the whale project... a bit soggy conditions so no real send burns today but still a ok day... Did two new easier problems as warm up...

tisdag 1 december 2015

Fresh new boulders !

Have had the pleasure of finding a new spot at an ond area Häggebo. This area have some good problems and is close to Blankaholm. Tried a bit on a roof boulder and an aret on the same block, both feel futuristic and hard. Had no serious burns since the weather have been a bit on the wet side lately. The quality of the rock is amazing and i don really know if its granit. al i can say it´s the best i have seen in this region and on every other spot i have visited... had a walk around and did find 5 other interesting blocks with a lot of cool lines on them... HAPPY !!! ;)