lördag 23 januari 2016

Climbing comp and setting problems !

Västervik was host for one more competition. This time the format was a bit different and more like a fun comp that anyone could participate in. 50 problems from font 3-8A and you get points for the 10 hardest. Juniors and kids had there run and men and women had there round later on. Elias Tullberg won the male category and Fredrika Fabri was the strongest lady of the day. booth climbing for the climbing club in Västervik. Setting where done by me and Jim Wasmuth with guest appearance from lokals. Last weekend we had an setting course and some people are in for starting to build problems.

Mynta Rasmussen made her first comp and as a father I'm proud to se that she had a lot of fun. The approach for the comp have been zero regular training and she did quite well. Hopefully she will get some interest in training in the future...