lördag 26 september 2015

South of Västervik !

Index (stand 7C)

Paparazi 8A+

Kanel klipp

The songs remain insane 7C+

Fantastic day at Some areas south of Västervik, started at a new place and managed to do the stand start to a high quality problem Index 7C. Later on we meet up with some folks from Denmark. Paparazzi 8A+ got it´s first repetition by Lorentz Ulmer and he also climbed The songs remain insane  7C+. Björn Lisager  repeated the songs to in a shortish time. My focus was to find out the moves on the problem on the Bleed boulder... more on that later...
Bleed for the art (project)

söndag 20 september 2015

Another great day !

Today i meet with Daniel Olausson and a group of visiting climbers from Germany. The area of the day was Mommehål 2 and this means climbing laps and repeating old stuff. Elias did his second 7A and it´s really fun to watch his progress. Fun day !!!!

lördag 19 september 2015

New project !

Today i had time and motivation to go out and try a project. The project was found last season and is really good. It´s nice that the conditions is on the way and motivation is high. In the afternoon i made it to grönaväggen and had a nice session on problems that i have done.