söndag 24 augusti 2014

Rådsklippan and a new problem at Kashmirsborg !

 Sofia on Dansa med myggor 7a
 Tills döden skiljer oss åt 8a+
 Tills döden ... 8a+
Boloman 7A

Sunday i was a little at Rådklippan, no climbing when the body felt a bit tired after Saturday's activities. Scrapped mostly around the forest and took pictures. Erik Masshi and family in place climbed at rådklippans big wall. Was really excited to come here and try a little on the tours. The steep tours on the right side of the wall has very few repetitions and is really good, i have climbed them some 15 years back and it would be nice to get on them again. 

Later in the evening it was a trip to Kasmirsborg, Jens Eklund and Michael Upponen joined and i put up a new problem Boloman 7A, the problem is really good or as good that i couldn't resist climbing on it ;)