lördag 9 maj 2015

Korslöt One new problem !

Flash of Toker 7B/C and musho easier if u can do the move this way... wehh ;)

Sanna on the good easy and apparently unclimbed Sds

Interstellar Left 7C

A nice Warm and sunny day spent at Korslöt. Started the day with an flash send of Toker witch was given 7B+  by the Fa. (regarding where you start i would say) the problem feels slightly easier that Interstellar that i gave 7C and in my opinion are harder than this one. Sanna made The Fa of the center line sans eliminate and this is by far the best addiction to the block 6B+ seams like a fair grade on this one from a site that s of corse a given point. Later i decided to try the remaining version of Interstellar. This share start but tops left and is the HARDEST version of the problem. Still i think its the same grade as Toker and Interstellar and in my opinion they al should be in the span of 7C. I decided on the name Interstellar Left 7C.