onsdag 4 november 2015

Russian roulette 8A FA and a visit to Vargklippan

Today conditions where a bit better, early at the project. Had an epic bad fall on my first burn slipping  out of the top hold, one of those bad ones that could be seriously bad... After this i had to rethink and get my head together. Made for some bad tries and finally managed to stand on top of this cool problem. Russian roulette 8A a new super nice problem in the area of Västervik. There is an nice add on to this one and i think this will be 8B, on the other hand thats good for people who think this one is to soft ;)  Moves are done so what are you waiting for... 

In afternoon i had the pleasure of showing Pavel,Natalia and Vlad Vargklippan and i think they like it a lot :) 

Had a blast flashing the new put up problem from Simon Andersson (in sneakers)... By the way its a shit addiction and its OVERRATED, Font 5 at max ;)  Watching there cave paintings is a not so nice story. I would love to here an explanation and we can take that when we meet :)